Areas of activity

Where we provide our plant-based alternatives to traditional meat.

Green Valley’s plant-based meat alternative products can be found in many places. There’s a chance you may, in fact, have already eaten one of our products. We are proud to serve our products to a wide range of businesses and institutions such as:


Wholesalers & Distributors

We believe our products are a true and sustainable alternative to traditional meats. That is why we want to get it out to as many people as possible. We are currently partnered with Slipacoff’s Premium Meats for retail needs, and are always adding new partnerships to bring our products to markets nationwide.


Hospitals & Senior Care

We are proud to serve the healthcare industry. Our products provide a multitude of health benefits that traditional meat simply can’t match. Knowing that our plant-based meat products are contributing to the health and wellbeing of healthcare workers and the patients under their care reminds us that our products truly help people and fills us with a great sense of pride.



A healthy diet is important for children as they grow up. At school, proper nutrition can lead to more focused, higher achieving students. Our plant-based meat alternatives provide a much healthier option for school cafeterias to offer than a traditional beef hamburger or deep-fried chicken nuggets.


Correctional Facilities

We believe that providing nutritious food to correctional facilities helps to keep up the morale of their workers, and maintain order among inmates.


Restaurants & Hotel Chains

Of course, we serve the restaurant and hotel industries. We love seeing the delicious dishes that chefs create using our plant-based meat alternatives. Every restaurant and hotel these days should have vegetarian and vegan options on their menu, and our products provide a way to do just that while serving delicious meals that would traditionally have meat in them.


Tech Companies

Fueling our nation’s great technological minds with healthy alternatives to meat is one of our ways of doing our part to contribute to technological advancement.


We are always on the lookout for new partnership opportunities, and new businesses and institutions to serve. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you add or switch to plant-based alternatives to traditional meat, contact us and we would be happy to provide you with more information!


The Green Valley plant-based product is our go-to when sourcing meat alternatives. It truly is a beautiful product, not only from a visual standpoint, but it also has the same texture and taste as traditional ground meat. Having used it in tourtiere and chili in the past, it is extremely easy to work with and when seasoned acts the same as a traditional protein product.

Patrick TurcotExecutive Chef - Shaw Centre

As a chef, you want to work with the best ingredients and this is exactly what Green Valley Canada's plant based alternatives give you. This product has great flavour, is extremely versatile and super intuitive. When you have to feed 23,000 hungry fans, you want something that delivers on quality and consistency, and that's exactly what you get!

Joshua MooreExecutive Chef - TD Place

Green Valley Canada’s vegan products are great to have in any culinary arsenal. They promote incredible creativity and open so many options for anyone, vegan or not. You get to make burgers or meatless “meatballs” or even “crab” cakes for anyone with a shellfish allergy. Not to mention they are high in protein and people feel great after dining on them. A must have for any kitchen!

Adam PerrierExecutive Chef - Viva Retirement Community Barrhaven